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Our Virtual Backgrounds

Online meetings got us all feeling a certain type of way. Our solution? Make them fresh and fun. We can create virtual meeting rooms and backgrounds for you – so you can be in the office of your dreams (well, at least via video conference!)

Custom Design Virtual Office

Glass Virtual Office

Standard Wood/Cement Virtual Background

Remote Offices

Remote Offices

We understand better than anyone else that your business needs to stay virtual in this modern world. We’ll help you design a system that streamlines your processes between all your employees, and set up things like meeting rooms, email addresses, and a phone answering system - all while staying remote. We also understand that you’ll need this set-up ASAP - we’ll take care of everything, start to finish, in under a week

Website Design and Development

Website Design & Development

Having a website is critical for any business. Having a website that keeps potential customers coming back for more - priceless. Our resident tech genius Stacey can create you the website of your dreams, all from scratch. We’ll even help you maintain it. Best of all, we can have it done in a month (or less!).

App Creation & Development

App Creation & Development

Did you know that almost 70% of all website visits happen via mobile devices?! In this day and age, you need your business to stand out. How does an app sound? All you have to do is provide our friends at Digital Notion with what you envision happening, and let them take care of the rest - designing, creation, testing, and promotion of your newest asset. Digital Notion prides themselves with having a quick turnaround time (3-4 months, to be exact) from beginning to end.

Custom Made Presentations

Custom-Made Presentations

Presentations can take FOREVER to make. We know you have better things to do, so let us make them for you! Once we have all the information we need from you, we’ll be able to create a presentation that will rock the meeting or proposal in under 48 hours! Need it done quicker than that? We also do rush orders. Connect with us - we’ll take a load off your plate!

Website Themes

Website Themes

If your site needs a makeover, we have your back. We’ll change the aesthetic of your website to something that fits the needs of your company AND remains true to what you believe in. Bonus: We’ll get it done in under a month.

…these are a few of the things we can help out with!
If you feel overwhelmed…
like you need an extra hand or two…
you know that you need help but don’t know exact with what…
THAT’S why we’re here.

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